Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Musings And Thoughts From My Van

I see so many rushing...
-get the van perfect
-power, Lots of power

So many people that turn vans into tiny tiny houses. There's nothing wrong with having all the conveniences. There's also nothing wrong with "roughing it".

I like simple. Real simple. Throwback style.
We've had several really bad hurricanes hit my friends in various places. I'm so glad that I wasn't there.

But, the recent headlines from Florida and Puerto Rico really got my to thinking.
Between old school skills and being optional when it comes to modern life...I'd manage ok if a major disaster hit and the infrastructure went down for a bit.

I've got a small generator and some batteries. I know how to clean water with materials at hand.  I carry several natural fire starters and a grate or two. A couple cast iron skillets, my pressure cooker, and a stock pot. I dehydrate foods and store in jars. I already have bags of rice and freeze dried foods.
I've also got over 1000 books in my old school kindle. No internet required. My external hard drive is approximately 1TB of movies and shows.

So, if I found myself in a no power no services situation...I'd be reasonably comfortable. I think I'd just start running an old skills school and pass on the ways...the ways people lived before running water, inside bathrooms, and unlimited electric.

So...the next time you see an oldtimer who doesn't have thousands if watts of solar and all the bells and whistles...maybe they are not as backward as you think

See ya down the road
Lou and the 1 pup crew

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