Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let's Talk About Overnight Parking at Walmart

Wal-Mart has been kind in many places to offer free overnight parking. Not camping not boondocking, bit overnight parking.

Some of the worst offenders can be those in high dollar RVs.

You've seen them....
Stabalizer jacks down, several slide outs open, awning down, having cocktails in lawnchairs beside their rigs, and BBQ'ing.

Whiskey Foxtrot Delta? Seriously?

First of all, it is walmart, not a campground.

Second, the stabilizer jacks damage the asphalt.

A parking lot is actually private property, you're a guest.

No one wants to hear your generator run for hours.

It's also not a place to dump your gray water tanks. Gray water actually stinks to high heaven. I've watched the Wal-Mart in Colorado Springs near the Air Force Academy having to pressure wash the entire parking lot every night. I don't care how much you spend in the store, it doesn't justify nasty behavior practices.

So let's talk about how to park at Wal-Mart as a courteous guest.

Generally there will be an area to park far away from the doors. Usually it's over by the garden center.

Don't sit there like you're in a camp ground. All items stay inside your van. Don't pull out your chairs and grill. If you want to grill, go to a public park before you pull into Wal-Mart.

Put your windshield cover up. Pull your curtains.

Arrive late, leave early. Don't pull into a Wal-Mart to overnight before 5 pm and definitely leave early morning.

Don't leave any trash behind. As a matter of fact, if there's trash, I pick it up. Don't leave trash in shopping carts. Put your shopping cart away in the cart return.

Don't empty any liquids out at Wal-Mart. Plain clean water fine, but anything else, No.

This shouldn't have to be said, but I've seen it done...don't get out at night and pee next to your van.

I've seen two Wal-Mart's stop allowing overnight parking. It's a private parking Lot open to the public for limited purposes. Be polite, respectful, and grateful. Do shop in the store, even if it's only a pop.

Oh and park in between the lines.

See ya down the road

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