Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Exciting new changes ahead

I'm setting up my own website and domain. Soon I'll move all things Lou to my own site.

I'll also be able to design websites, host your website. I'm planning on a section just for us full time vandwellers and rv-ers.

I'm writing a couple of books. Available soon.

So many exciting changes ahead. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Welcome to New Mexico

You're bundled up in sweaters and jackets in the morning, and in the afternoon you're running around in tank shirts and sundresses.

I never thought that I would see the beauty of the desert. I'm a Michigan girl...grass, trees, lakes, forest, snow.

Yesterday it was so hot that all i could do was lay there and breathe. This morning, I'm huddled up in my blankets with hot coffee.

On a big prickly catcus sits a single yellow flower. The tall thin octillos sport beautiful orange flowers.

Mesquite trees offer shade and almost always have a sticky sap running down the tree attracting tons of ants.

Acadia cats claw trees have really tough spiked thorns.

In the  desert, sunrises and sunsets are spectacular. I love the way you get sunset colors reflected off clouds and mountains.

It's a desert so there are rarely mosquitos. You do get mosquitos and gnats by the Rio Grande.

The mighty Rio Grande is often a slow trickle. The government has harnessed it into water for irrigation.

Alfalfa is a water intensive crop. There is a better natural method of agriculture here. You plant a ground cover. Trees or plants are built up in a dip with a natural earth basin around them to funnel and hold the water near the plant or roots. You plant things that are less water intensive. There is a lot of container gardening.

I've learned to be very conservative with water. Water can be used a couple of times for different purposes.

In the van, i do dishes with a spray bottle of vinegar and water. Water from cooking goes into my gray water (a folgers plastic coffee can.

Bathing can be very simple too. A soup pot half full of water is enough to wash hair and all of my body. That water then becomes part of the gray water.

In New Mexico, gray water can be poured on trees. Gray water is any water used except for human waste purpose.

My "pottie" doesn't's a large plastic coffee can with lid. It's taken to any portapotty or vault toilet and disposed of safely. Baking soda or a plain charcoal briquitte control any odor. 

Safe travels and Good Coffee to you

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Imaginary Invisible Lines

Let's think about something for a minute.
Imagine there are no imaginary lines denoting




Would you really know if you were somewhere "different"?
Or would you find that people are just people?
I've lived in Europe as a young woman.

You get up in the morning, open the Windows (they swing out like doors)

You make coffee, enjoy pastries

You put the bed covers to air.
You grab your string shopping bag and go to market to see what's fresh for the day.

You planned your meals for the day or two based on what was fresh and seasonal. It's actually a very healthy way to eat.
It didn't matter that i didn't speak the language.

At that time i could convert from one currency to another including figuring out buying power.

You smile and nod to people in greeting. You take time to look at the world around you, enjoying the weather, the birds, and the sights.

Now, let's look at something crazy. We fight over imaginary lines, over what someone has said, as if we are three year old children at a playground arguing over who gets to ride the merry-go-round.

We fight over what people wear, where and how they pray, and many other silly things.

We fight because someone has something we want or because we don't want them to have something.
We're like over-tired hungry quarrelsome three year olds who need a nap and cookies.
If there is intelligent life in outer space, the first thing they'll do when we make quarantine our planet.
Why not try to get along with others.
As a vandweller and nomad, i often hear contempt for those who have a traditional house and home.

I'm a land owner myself. I generally prefer not to build on my land, enjoying it as it is. Others prefer different. There is nothing wrong with that.
As a land owner, I think that I'm actually more inclined to keep the area I'm parked in neat. I also clean up where ever i pull in.

Unlike many,  I'll pull into a spot that is full of trash, get out my gloves and a bag, and clean it up. I'm living on mother earth. I like where i live to be clean and pristine, as if no humans had been there.

Maybe that's why I love New Mexico. There are many people just like me. It doesn't matter who's trash it was. The wind takes it where it wants, and I am the one who has to look at it. It's just as easy to just clean it up myself as to complain about it.

When you travel in New Mexico, you'll find people welcome you. There are portapotty or vault toilets many places. Dump your human waste there...not on the land. Dumping pee jugs or human poop on the land spreads disease. 

There are many places with dumpsters and generally no one complains if you put a bag of trash in there. Pick it up and dump it.

Be a good guest, respectful of the land and clean. Enjoy the vistas. New Mexico has some breathtakingly beautiful vistas.

Good Coffee to you

See you down the road,

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