Wednesday, October 18, 2017

For The Want Of Changing A Thermostat

Today I'm watching one friend do a lot of work on another friend's van.

All because of a thermostat. A Thermostat is about a $20 part. It's not particularly difficult to learn to change.

What happens if your thermostat is stuck closed?

You over heat your engine. That can cause water pump to crack and water pump gaskets to fail.

That causes antifreeze to leak out. A bubble can form in the system not allowing you to add enough antifreeze.

If engine runs long enough without proper're looking at cracked/warped heads. Heads and head gasket must be done in a shop. They have to check for cracks and warped. This can not be done with a visual inspection.

We're lucky. My friend is looking at a water pump, thermostat, and a bad airconditioning belt. They're off to the parts store to get the needed parts.

So the next time some one says maybe you should replace your it. Sometimes it's a cheap easy fix compared to what happens if thermostat fails.

See you down the road

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