Monday, October 23, 2017

It's Really Important To Know Some Basic Van Repairs

There is absolutely nothing like the helpless feeling when your van won't open or won't run. I've been there a few times.

I know how to do many basic repairs. I carry tools and a Chilton Manual. I also carry a battery charger, jumper cables, tow strap, a good jack, and a big container designed for draining fluids.

Anyone who owns any vehicle should know a few basic things...checking fluids, opening hood,hinge jumpstart a battery, and how to change a tire. You need basic equipment to do this. Even if you're not physically able to change a tire, you really need to know how to do it.

You need to know how your hood latch mechanism works. They get bent or stuck. I just had a mechanic spot this on mine and he hammered and bent it until it was straight and true again. Now if we could only fix the back corner that's causing my rear doors hinge to be off kilter, life would be awesome (my clean clothes accessible only through rear door right now, that will change quickly).

Last night a tired man was driving the biggest uhaul truck general public can rent. Not wanting my van hit yet again, I got out and guided him to a safe parking spot. People get in over their heads with vehicles and take off and drive them with inadequate knowledge. Common problem.

A friend just had her water pump replaced. She was like a little girl at Christmas being able to actually look at her engine as it was being repaired, asking lots of questions and taking photos for later reference. We forgot to charge up the ac but she'll actually be able to do that for herself because she was up under there learning what was where and some simple repairs.

I used to be one of those helpless women. There was always a guy around to fix things or take care of minor stuff. Now I'm that Badass woman who can do most simple repairs.

Get a manual. Get some basic tools. Learn how to do some simple repairs yourself. Know how to check all the fluids and how to jump a battery.

You can do this

See you down the road

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