Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Minivans, Thanksgiving, Pups, Oh My!

Thanks to help from my friends, my minivan is again running. I'll still have motor mounts to replace in Arizona, but at least now I'll make it safely there.

I'm amazed watching everyone gear up for thanksgiving. It's a holiday I don't celebrate (nor Christmas, Easter, or similar religions holidays).

I try to live each day thankful for what i have. I'm also trying to be more minimalist. I have an 18 ft travel trailer to move up to the land in Colorado. I have my minivan. I have my two small dogs. I'm rich in friends. My life is good.

I will not be shopping on any of the holidays. I also won't participate in Black Friday. This is out of respect for those who do celebrate these days. Let them be home with their families enjoying the day.

The weather is beautiful in southern New Mexico. Today it's short sleeves, windows and doors open, sitting under a tree at the park, just feeling the light breeze blow.

In this season of stress and holidays, I wish you peace and quiet, time to sit still, time to enjoy friends and family.

Monday, November 23, 2015

What A Day I'm Having

I was driving back to walmart to get some fluids for my minivan. As I approached a busy intersection multiple things began to happen:
power steering died
the dash console lights went out
and the van made some scary noises.

The van also decided to pretty much die in the middle of an busy intersection. I was able to nurse it through the intersection and stop it across the side of the road. It had a nasty smell and steam coming from under the hood and the vehicle.

I was amazed at all the holiday spirit....go around me, honk at me, and rush to the nearby retail stores.

Some very nice guys at Enterprise Car Rental came out and helped me push it into their lot. At least I am not worried about being towed away right now. Why would towing be scary? I live in my minivan. It's loaded full of my most prized possesions and my two small adorable dogs.

Of course as all this happens, my phone is dead battery, as is my tablet, my mifi and any communication devices.

I obtained permission from the guys to park in their lot, maybe overnight. I am at starbucks having a coffee, using wi-fi, and charging my electronics.

There is a donate link at the top of this page. I could use some help. I have had a really bad day at the moment.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


It's been a while since I've blogged. My life was a little busy. There have been many changes in my life.

I've traveled in the southwest, enjoying the beauty of the desert. The wide open spaces combined with the huge vista of sky is breathtaking. A desert sunset truly looks like a jeweled sky. Away from cities, the numerous stars cover the sky.

The big cargo van is gone, rust was its nemesis.

I now drive a minivan. It's great on gas but i really miss the space of the big old cargo van.

New Mexico currently draws me. The variety of land, small towns, big cities, the amazing food, and of course roasted green chilies.

Today, a bit of weather is rolling through, the wind whipping sand around. It's cloudy, but no major rains as yet. At 60 degrees, I'm comfortable with a sweater. Since it's a bit chilly, socks with my flip flops.

It's a day to Wi-Fi at Starbucks, watch videos, or read a good book. A nice cup of coffee, a good nap will make the day perfect.

I'd like to make the rtr in Quartszite, but I'm unsure that will happen. I'm traveling with a friend and we need to be local for a few things.

Until next time, safe travels.