Friday, October 20, 2017

Rain, Thunder, Flash Floods, Safety

Last night was a typical New Mexico rainstorm.
Thunder, lightening, strong winds and hard rain.

There are a few things you should know about safety in storms.

First of all...Stay parked and inside your vehicle. Don't try to drive through it and don't drive through water. It's not just the risk of flash floods.

I had someone throw water all up over my hood and roof. Shorted out my battery and my alternator.

Costs ...
Alternator $55 at junkyard
Oem alternator wiring $10
Battery $50
My time and labor...yeah

Turn off any inverters and house battery system.

Don't have anything out and touching ground. Bring in any steps.

Look to see that your windshield is in no danger from blowing tree branches.

Once you have battened down the hatches, all windows and doors closed, nothing open to let rain in, relax. Read a book. Stream videos. Go to bed. Listen to the rain beating on the roof.

See ya down the road

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