Saturday, January 17, 2015

Countdown To Leaving

Soon, I'll leave snowy winter in search of warmer climate. I've got short timer syndrome. I want to gas up and go now.

A minor legal matter holds me here. Possible earliest date to leave is Wednesday, just 4 short days away. A court date is all that holds me here.

Worst case scenario, I'm on the road February 10th with January 30th being more probable (or sooner with luck).

Minimum needed for safe trip... tires ($45 each at nearby tire place. That price includes tires put on vehicle ready to go.)

Gas.. about 140 gallons at approximately $2 per gallon ($280).

I only have one propane tank ($16.96 to fill) so I'll get a 4 pack of one pound propane bottles as a back up ($12.97)

Dogs will need bottled water to avoid stomach upsets and diarrhea. I'll start trip with 10 3-liter bottles of local water to cut costs.

My food and drinks, I'll carry on board. I'll pre-make half dozen sandwiches to save time.

Another thing I'll do is have phone and charging stuff handy in plastic "vault" box. I plan on charging phones and battery banks while running.

I'm going to utilize empty 33 pound Tidy Cat litter containers to avoid load shift and cupboards dumping. It also allows me to equalize the weight distribution for safety.

I'll be taking lots of photos and posting them.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sleeping Warmly In A Blizzard

The weather decided to drop a foot and a half of snow on me in less than two days. My propane heater is currently not working. do I sleep comfortably even under these conditions?
Let's start with an old fashioned item, a sleeping cap. While mine is not the old long hanging come we see in photos and illustrations, it serves it's purpose, to help me stay warm. A fleece masked hat keeps my head warm. That makes a huge difference.
Trick number two is clean, dry socks. They make a big difference. I use synthetic ones, much warmer.
Making up my bed is crucial. The types of blankets used and how they are layered. Don't forget to put something underneath you. I use my heavy sleeping bag as the first layer. Over that is a nylon child's sleeping bag. Next comes a polyester microfiber blanket. I'm the next layer, covered with another plush microfiber older cotton flannel blanket over that, topped by a flannel quilt and a thick comforter. On top of all that, I like on the several long wool coats I have.
My final ingredient to staying warm is to stuff my two small dogs into the covers with me. A fleece blanket is used to loosely cover my face area.
I'm snug as a bug in my bed, almost like creating a blanket cocoon around me.
This has been good so far in temperatures where the wind chill is hitting minus 20 as it is tonight.
I'm curled up in bed, with two sleeping pups, watching videos on my cell phone.
Happy trails to you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Road Trip Ahead SOON

I'm getting ready for a major road trip of about 2000 miles.

I'll be taking lots of pictures and videos, as well as blogging about it.

I'll do a few needed things here, but I'm permanently done with the snowy, frozen, north.

I look forward to desert panoramas, adventures, and peace.

Once I've recovered from the trip, TheRez (my trailer) will start getting her makeover. I've already started getting some of the stuff I'll need to put this little beauty back in shape.

Stay tuned to the blog for further details.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year.

It's a new year, and I have big plans.

I've gotten one of the two house batteries I need, I'll be adding another 20 pound propane tank, 4 tires on the van and one tire on the trailer. A copper inline splice so I can finally use my onboard water tank, and then I'll be
Ready to travel and enjoy my adventuresome side again.

Between last winter, and the arctic cold fronts this year so far, I'm desert bound.

I'll leave Michigan with the basics and a full tank of gas. I'll be about halfway done on getting set up for solar. I'll have power, water, and hearing/cooking set up.

The trailer is going to get a total native makeover inside and out. It's new name will be the Rez (short for reservation).

If you wish to help out with any part of my preparations or journey, you can donate using the PayPal button on the top of the blog.

I'm proof that disability doesn't mean no more life, it's just slower.