Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Living As A Nomad Changes You

Not only has my life changed, but me and my values have really changed due to living in a van.

I've lived in one vehicle or another for a couple of decades. I did take some breaks and live in an apartment, usually with someone else. Thelast time I had my own apartment (other than a couple of months this last year) was in 1999. Wow, that's 18 years ago. Time flies.

I've lived in a two room tent in the woods, a 26 foot travel trailer, a 30 foot class A motorhome, a 18 foot vintage travel trailer, a Pontiac sunfire, an extended body cargo van, a minivan, and currently a conversion van. My favorites were the cargo van and my current conversion van.

Each one of my homes on wheels has had their advantages and disadvantages.

Why do I prefer my van?'s easy to move, easy to drive, I can park almost anywhere without drawing attention.

This van has wing windows and all the rear windows open at the bottom allowing fresh air and circulation.

I really need to remove the twocenter seats. I've added a tall 4 drawer dresser in the rear, a cabinet with shelves, an old hassack with interior storage and a top that can double as a table, and a small 3 drawer wicker cabinet. Wow, that's a lot.

I don't need any built in items. I'm happy with my portable stove. Water jugs suit me just fine, easy to fill and easy to use.

I did end up adding a board to the front of the shelves. I'm still cleaning up from the last shelf spill.

Several years ago, my definition of my van would have included built in shower, toilet, running water, regular electricity. It doesn't now.

I like using mainly 12v power. Jugs are easier to fill than using a freshwater tank. I've become much less wasteful of water and electricity.

My life is actually much simpler with fewer modern conveniences. That leaves more time for the things I really enjoy.

Even my cooking has changed. A big meal usually means hauling out my 6 quart pressure cooker. It night involve a whole hour preparing a meal. Usually though, it means about 15-20 minutes when I do decide to cook.

I've learned to dehydrate things naturally. I'm in the desert. It is really easy to dehydrate food. It retains its nutrients and flavor when you dehydrate.

I've rambled on long enough this morning. I'll revisit this topic another time.

See you down the road

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