Saturday, October 28, 2017


We all love finding those free campsites. Thanks Jenn of

Recently on her Facebook group of the same name, there was a photo posted and a discussion on trashed campsites.

We've all been there. You pull into pristine woods or a beautiful lake or breathtaking Vista of the scenic desert southwest. And what do we see...some jerk has left trash, cigarette butts, dirty diapers, shell casings, burnt stuff in a fire pit, or has in general left human's mark on mother nature.

Immediately we hear...there ought to be a law...there is.
Someone should publicly shame them by posting photos of them, their campsite, and make them pay...hmmm sounds like the stocks of the 1600s and dunce caps and all that mob mentality thing 

There should be damage deposits on mother nature...hmmm good way to force economic segregation. People like me wouldn't be able to afford it.

Who am I, I'm the old woman who comes in to boondock after them. As usual, grab trash bag, gloves, pick up stuff. Burn what can be burned...if safe. Find a dumpster, usually in town. Funny, word gets around a local area when you're seen cleaning up public land quietly. Never had anyone complain about me using their dumpster.

As a smoker, I strip my cigarettes butts and put them in the trash bag...not the fire pit. Usually I stick a can outside with a little sand or dirt in it as an ashtray.

I've even sometimes made some money cleaning up. Some areas charge a deposit on bottles and cans. Food cans, clean out, remove label, smash flat. Sell for scrap at any recycler. Aluminum scraps a little better. So even if the state doesn't charge deposit on cans and bottles, you can recycle it. You don't get rich, but you can generally recoup the amount you spent on bags, gas, and sometimes enjoy a meal.

I clean up public lands when I stay there. As a member of the public, I'm cleaning up my own land. This public lands belong to all of us.

So, instead of blaming, shaming, trying to pass laws restricting things...just grab a pair of gloves, a trash bag or two, and beautify the land by removing signs of human's trash. Oh...and scoop that poop on your dogs too.

See ya down the road

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