Friday, September 15, 2017

Ehrenberg AZ

In the past I've camped at Ehrenberg (I-10, exit 1, Arizona).

It has a beauty and is generally quiet. People park away from each other, allowing privacy and solitude to enjoy the beauty of the desert.

And it is all that...until the rtr crowds invade and set up with dogs running loose, some having quads or motorcycles tearing up the desert, trash from van builds and repairs, and generally busyness.

I love going to Ehrenberg, but I've learned to check when the rtr crowd is there and find somewhere else away from the herd mentality.

I don't care for others unleashed dogs pissing on my stuff. And I really don't care for the herd mentality. I actually enjoy peace, quiet, and solitude.

I love being able to sit in a chair outside, enjoy coffee and a sunrise or a Sunset.

One of the reasons I enjoy the desert or a national forest is that I love nature. I'm not afraid of solitude or being alone with myself. I pretty much know my virtues and my flaws

I've got a few other off the beaten path desert hideaways.  I generally only park legally. I actually own land, so I'm not homeless.

I love leaving no trace. When I pull out...I haven't rearranged the desert to suit cute rock border nor my name spelled out in rocis.

It's funny...often Canadians come down for the entire winter. They'll set up camp, and when they leave...they leave nothing behind. They come down, enjoy the weather, and go back home. Some of them have been the absolute nicest neighbors.

But in soon as you mention Vandwelling...out come my YouTube, join this event, and all the peopleing stuff.

Yes I have a YouTube. Absolutely no idea if people watch it. I just use it to share how to original videos. Watch it if you like...or don't. Google doesn't send me $, no ad revenue off it, no paetron account. It's not a series of me me me...just a few short how to videos.

Yes I finally got an Instagram...and it's not commercial either. I just share photos...of my dog, of nature, weather, plants, and other things I find interesting.

I've discovered I really don't like crowds...not at all and not for a short time. I'm fine with a small group, but I didn't get into this to trade the busyness of city life for being busy and distracted so I don't have time to think group Rebellion.

I'm truthfully a non conformist. And that means I don't rebel in lockstep with others. I actually carve my own path out.

These are just my own ramblings out loud.


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