Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Throwback To Simpler Times?

Someone once said to me...this isn't a hundred years more modern.

Ok, let's take a look at the difference in skill sets 100 years ago and now.

-we had skilled craftsman
-things were made to last
-you saved up to buy you time to figure out if you really wanted it or needed it. Fewer impulse purchases.
-people pitched in to help each other out. Shared resources.
-family meals were a thing, backyards barbeques instead of big parties
-family time listening to stories on the radio
-things made from scratch
-people repaired stuff rather than throwing it out and buying new.

-emphasis on whatyou can buy
-emphasis on instant gratification
-consumerist economy
-less time spent with others...rush...rush...rush
-microwave and instant meals

I Dunno...I think I'm a throw back. I'm good with that.

See ya on the road

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