Saturday, October 14, 2017

Modern Ways or Old School Methods

I must confess that other than a few easily powered devices, most of my lifestyle is based on old ways.

There's nothing wrong with modern ways, but the old ways leave less of a carbon footprint.

All of my devices can be powered or charged using a maximum of two 10 watt solar panels, my 3 small smartphone solar chargers, and the power socket in my van. I have 2 inverters, a 100 watt, and a 400 watt, but rarely even use my 100 watt. 

I recently bought a 2hp generator. I paid $35 for it used. Yes, I tested it before buying.
I bought things that run on solar or battery.
I make hot water for coffee using a 12v element heater. 

I have a buddy heater but I stored it in my travel trailer. Heat in the morning is passive solar...I park facing east and remove the Reflectix windshield cover. Within half an hour the van is nice and toasy warm. 

Cooling is just as easy. I have a usb fan that works on solar or plugged into my lighter socket. Open the rear windows of the van, pull the shades, and park in the shade of a tree or building. I park facing away from the sun. 

I still haven't removed any seats. This van is new to me, bought in March of this year. I do plan to remove the two center seats. Other than real build or modifications needed. I have a tall 4 drawer dresser in the rear and a two shelf unit behind the driver's seat. My house battery sits on the passenger front floor.

It's still a work in progress, but it's also very livable.
It's perfectly fine to do a major build. It is also perfectly acceptable to not do a major build. After all, this is my home.

See you down the road

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