Friday, October 13, 2017

Van Dweller? Nomad? Vehicle Dweller?

There are many popular terms for the way I live.
At first I embraced vandweller. But I've come to the conclusion there's no real accurate term currently in use.

Most people seem to connect vandweller with traveling...what I call a van tourist.

Nomad seems a little more accurate.

I don't travel massive long distances anymore. I've actually been in this one town for over a year. I tend to do what native American nomadic tribes did many many years ago. I've got a few places that I mainly rotate around.

People seem to understand the difference between a nomad and a vagrant or homeless person. I'm definitely not homeless. I own a van, a vintage 18 ft travel trailer, and I am buying a little over one acre in northeastern Arizona.

Vagrants have no purpose. I most definitely have a purpose and my days are too filled to leave time for trouble.

I make and sell good jewelry, affordable but not cheap goods. It is both my job and my hobby.

I write. To be a writer is to have this itch deep inside that must be scratched. I use words to create word pictures. The nicest thing someone said to me on the phone just yesterday is that she often feels as if she was right there next to me. Those words warmed my heart.

I have a little dog named Romeo. Romeo has the cutest Mohawk and expressions. He is fast becoming the face of a rescued dog. His photos just make others want to cuddle him. Romeo was owned by a homeless street woman. So being a nomad is a big step up for him.

Being a vandweller is now becoming trendy and mainstream. There are endless YouTube blogs and many people vie to be "the face" of Vandwelling. I know many old time vandwellers that don't have YouTube nor can you pigeonhole them into a category. They are true originals.

So if you find yourself at a campfire with a few of us old time style dwellers...sit, listen, learn. Usually we're more than happy to show you some tips and tricks.

And should there be a natural disaster where I am...ill be easy to find...I'll be the little old woman with coffee pot on the fire, pressure cooker and soup pot out. I'll be able to charge your phone... Try to show up with your own cup, bowl, and utensils. Or I will show you how to make and use a pair of chopsticks. Fingers and a pocket knife always work.

So...the next time you see someone and think they are incredibly poor...they may simply have different values.

I'm rich in all the ways that really matter. Today I have a roof over my head (my van), it has a bed to sleep in. I've always got something to eat.

See ya down the road

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