Monday, August 26, 2013


It never occurred to me that I march to the beat of a different drummer.

I don't do things on a routine, nor do I place value on how many things I can do in a day.

This is not to say that I don't get things done. I tend to stay busy, but at a much slower pace than most people.

I've opted out of the rat race. I have learned the concept of *enough*.

How many places can you be at one time? How much stuff do you really need?

I found that I place value on my time and energy. I do not see the point of chasing stuff and buying more places to put my stuff.

I recently downsized my stuff and I'm downsizing it still more. I still have a half full 5x5 storage. I'm buying a cargo van for buying/selling trips and camping. My ideal is to reduce my possessions to only what I actually need and use.

I've actually made a little business out of my downsizing. That's where I got my inventory to start flea marketing and being an eBay vendor. I will know I've got it just right when all stuff I'm selling fits in 1-2 totes.

Selling my excess stuff is helping pay for my van. I'll be doing the interior modifications myself so that the space both reflects my style and meets my need to have things accessible in a calm, tranquil, uncluttered environment.

I'm going to look at going back into my photography as a for-profit venture. I think I can market my photos as screen savers and backgrounds.

When I designed websites, I made all my own original background images.

As usual, I've started on one topic and meandered. I guess I like wandering through life with my eyes and ears open.

Happy Trails.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Camping but still working:-)

I'm still camping but in between making a fire for hot coffee in the morning and heating water for washing up, I still manage to be somewhat productive.

I've been listing items on eBay. There is a little bit more than a badly composed photograph and a sparse listing.

First I have to come up with a descriptive title. Photographs can be challenging but I have so much more to work with out here.

I've been using some nice pieces of birch bark to photograph knives on. It makes my listing stand out.

Writing the description for the item being sold takes some thought. I want to be accurate but also I want them to enjoy reading it. It should tell all about my item and answer why my item for sale should be bought. What makes that item special? That is what the description should also address.

I also have to research prices. What have similar items sold for in the past. What is the right format take my chance on auctions or set a fixed price.

Once the item is listed, then I just check it twice a day. When it sells, fast shipping time sets me above many other sellers. I strive for a 24 hour or less response time.

I always ship with a tracking number. That proves the item was shipped and when it was delivered.

While I miss the personal interaction and chance to highlight all an item 's good points in person, while I'm healing from being hit by a trailer, this allows me to still do some business.

It is almost sunset, so I'm going to heat some water for a camp bath.

I must say, the view from my office is beautiful!

Happy Trails.