Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why Not Head South?

The most annoying thing when I was up in Michigan through two winters in a van is everyone said go south for the winter as the solution to every problem.

I had just bought an extended body cargo van and then I bought a vintage 18 ft Amerigo travel trailer.

Traveling South meant about 200 gallons of gas.  There would have been no benefit to me of traveling slowly. It wouldhave still been very cold.

I had winter gear and a buddy heater. I had covered all the windows with heavy quilts. The second year I wasn't hooked up to electric. I managed pretty well to stay comfy and cozy.

Not all vandwellers are retired. Some stay local for work, some because they have family members that are very ill. My father's health can be very precarious and having just lost my mother I wanted to spend time near him.

If a van is insulated, you have appropriate clothes for the weather, and some skills for making a warm sleeping nest, the frozen north can actually be very beautiful in the winter.

I'm seeing a trend in everyone saying do this, buy this, and go to the desert southwest. That's so what Vandwelling isn't about.

Vandwelling is about being an individual, not rebelling and conforming in your rebellion. It's about being free to decide what lifestyle you want and living it.

I know of a person who is actually basing his living on winter camping in Colorado. Not my first choice but I celebrate his spirit in following his dream. That is what Vandwelling is all about.

So...if you're new to Vandwelling...choose your own dream...Not someone else's. Me, I'm hanging in New Mexico. The beauty of the land, the delicious local foods, the friendliness and warm generous hearts of the locals combined with being able to choose urban Vandwelling or boondocking in nature all within a couple hours journey works for me. Have the courage to figure what works for you

See you down the road

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