Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Dog In My Van

I'm back to the 2PupCrew. I was at a soup kitchen and a girl walked up with a cute little dog trying to find it a home.
Actually I've seen 4 dogs given away in two days.
Since i now have two, I could only home one.
Meet Romeo the rescued dog. He's fit into my van like he was meant to be here. He's a little dog with a big personality.
Romeo is approximately 5 years old. He appears to be a wire haired terrier/Chihuahua mix. He's sweet as can be, house trained, but like any little dog, we've already had a couple of accidents

Started this blog entry a little while back. Updates: Mona died in my arms, more than likely of old age. She was buried native style. 

It feels funny only having one dog and there have been a few rough spots, but we're now a family unit.
Rest in Peace Mona. Forever loved. I kept my promise, I was your home until the day you died.

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