Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dare To Be An Original

I was sitting here racking my brain for something I wanted to write about today.

As usual, I'm watching videos and playing on Facebook (instead of the billion things I really should do) when a meme pops a world of Kardashians, be an Elvira.

That sums me up quickly. My grandmother said I was so stubborn that if I were water, I'd flow uphill. Really, I still don't see anything wrong with that.

I don't like a cookie cutter world where we all conform, or when being a non conformist that we all rebel in the same manner.

What's wrong with coloring outside the lines? Hmm let's ask Picasso.

We all know I've thrown away the suburban dream (nightmare) and prefer to be a little heathen traveling in my van.

There are so many YouTube channels that will tell you how to gut your van and turn it into a secretive RV. That's so not me. It's fine if it's you. It is your home, make it anyway you want.

But here is something to consider. What you want now, what your fantasy van home looks like....after a while in the van, You change. Your wants and needs and preferences may change.

I'd really suggest doing very little to the van until you've lived in it for six months to a year. You'll then know just what is important to you. What that deal breaker luxury you just can't live without.

You may think you want to do urban stealth and find out that boondocking in the desert or in a national forest makes your heart beat faster and your soul to sing.

You may plan on boondocking and find out you're not cut out for the isolation and quiet.

Give yourself a change to try several different things and several different ways. Find out what YOU really want.

All I'm really planning on doing to my conversion van is remove the two center seats. I'll move a few things in the van around a little. But that's what I like. It's my home.

See you down the road

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