Tuesday, October 17, 2017

There Are Many Ways To Vandwell

There are so many different ways to van dwell.

You have what I call a van tourist...they have a list of places and things they just must go see. They like to travel, travel, travel.

There's the person who travels for expediting.

There's the person who stays in one place, moving around that city or town. Often they stay in an area for work or for family. Some also have to stay in one area for medical attention.

Then there's the person who has a circuit, three or four places, they travel a little but usually because of weather.

Still another group of vandwellers park in a driveway or backyard of family or friends.

Some are full time vandwellers, some take a few trips, and some dwell part time in a van.

It's impossible to lump all into a category and there is no one size fits all type of vandweller.

Everyone has their own preferences. And that preference can change at any time.

See you down the road

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