Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Update On Van Repairs

It's been a hell of a month for van repairs.
The radiator was replaced. Hint...when replacing radiator, check all hoses, replace all clamps with new ones. ($200)

The coolant overflow reservoir was replaced. I've no idea why previous owner merely hot glued it on the seam. It's a $15 part and easily replaced.

The rear lights (tail, backup, brake, and turn signal) all blew. The body damage allowed water to creep into the lens. Body work has been done (related to the lens holes) and both lights now fit where they belong. I had an extra new passenger rear tail light lens. It's now on the vehicle. I've no explanation for why previous owner used liquid nails to glue in tail light bulbs. It made for fun changing them.

The rear bumper, passenger side, has been straightened out and no longer curls up under the body. (Old school method, tow strap, another vehicle, and really big hammers.)

The rear doors now close and open as they should. Pipe insulation was added to the top of the rear doors preventing any leaks. (Door frame buckles straightened out by really big hammers.)

The side small window (top part) has been replaced. Now I'll need to get tint and shade it to match the others. ($26 so far)

The van is much closer to show room condition. More cosmetic repairs to continue.

I'll update progress with photos as it takes place.

See ya down the road

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