Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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You'd think being down in the desert Southwest, it's warm, and usually it is. However, desert nights and mornings can be cool, even downright chilly. Your body adjusts to the heat and you get cold easier.

In Michigan, I would have considered mid 50 degrees to be a warm, balmy morning. In southern New Mexico, it's definitely a brisk, chilly morning.

I could just turn on the buddy heater or a stove. My buddy heater is in my travel trailer over the summer, and I'm in the midst of a total van rearrange.

Normally I'd park in the sun facing east. I'm parked at a friend's for the month and the van is in total shade most of the day. So much for passive solar heat.

So, this morning I got a bit creative. I'm wearing my rainbow colored stocking hat. Over that is a nice synthetic hoodie, a bit big. I like them that way.

I took my nice red microfiber plush double bed blanket and folded it in half. I threw it over my head and wrapped myself up in it as if it was a shawl.

I've hot coffee in my hands in a clean spaghetti jar. I wrap my hands around the coffee, savoring its warmth, taste, and aroma.

I've already rolled cigarettes for the day, and I'm enjoying streaming an old show White Collar on Netflix.

It's a perfect morning. Shortly, I'll continue the van clean & purge. Right now, it's a day on the edge of possibilities and all is right with the world.

I've today and tomorrow to work on the van, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'll do the flea market with a friend to help.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road

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