Friday, November 17, 2017

Flea Markets

Good morning. I've got my Coffee in hand.

Today is Friday. I do flea marketing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

This is one of the smaller markets. It's only $5 to set up outside for a 10x10 spot on the asphalt.

I'm no longer physically able to set tables up by myself, so I've got a friend coming to market with me. Today is his second ever time as a vendor at market. I've been doing flea markets as a vendor at least ten years in many different states. 

I've got a Clark's original flea market guide and another thick book that list many of the flea markets all over the United States. I've often used that to decide where I go next. It's always a crab shoot trying out a new market.

I'm drinking my coffee, waiting for him to load his couple odd boxes of stuff. He's bringing his easy up canopy.

My tables store on top of my van. There are also two chairs and a large shade umbrella up there.

It generally takes less than a half hour to have all tables down and set up. Within 45 minutes of arriving, all my jewelry is set up to sell.

It's a nippy 51 degrees right now. Weather will be sunny and reasonable for the market.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road

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