Monday, November 13, 2017

The Age Of Instant Experts

We've all seen them...the person online who jumps in...

You have people who will give any subject in the world...based on their limited internet research.

What happened to people sharing their own experience? What happened to the old person showing another how they do something, or boys learning to fix lawnmowers, tractors, cars, vans? Where skills were passed down from one person to the next.

I was five years old when my grandmother had me standing on a chair, with a dishtowel tucked around me for an apron, and a wooden spoon, stirring home made from scratch banana pudding.

I was allowed to help in the kitchen and each step in its own time. I got to snap beans, get peas out of pods. Next I was allowed to use a vegetable peeler, then a paring knife.

I eagerly waited being allowed to do more or being trusted with another part of cooking a meal. It was a major step being trusted with the meat for a meal, and finally being trusted to cook Sunday dinners.

It was about skills and gradually increasing them. It doesn't matter now If I cook inside a kitchen in a house, the kitchen in my travel trailer, over a campfire, or a campstove. I can make a full dinner on a fire outside as easily as in a fully equipped house kitchen. I can control the cooking temperature on a open fire.

I was not allowed to be an instant expert...I was nurtured and taught, each step building on the other. That has stood me well in life. I approach each new thing I learn in the same manner. I learn the basics, then increase and hone my skills.

My grandmother taught me that anything worth doing was worth taking the time to learn to do well.

In this age of "instant experts" I think I'll continue using my grandmother's method. Learn things step by step, in order, each skill  builds on the previously learned one.

See ya down the road

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