Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cool Weather And Soup Kitchens

Happy Saturday. I had planned to already be at the flea market. My back decided that was not a possibility.

Coffee in hand already. It's a very brisk 59 degrees and I'm parked in the shade.

I may just hook up my long triple tap 12 v outlet to the auxiliary (house) battery and snuggle up in my blankets. Or I could just bring my red fleece blanket up front and fold it like a shawl. I may do that since I've nice hot coffee up here and I'm charging my phone.

Today is sack lunch at the local soup kitchen. Since I'm moving like an arthritic turtle, getting an already to eat lunch with snacks is very attractive.

Soup kitchens serve more than just the homeless. They also are there for the very poor, the elderly, and the disabled. There is also the aspect of socialization that often occurs in the above mentioned groups of society.

I live with MS. By going to a soup kitchen, I get a balanced meal that usually includes vegetables, salads, and fruit. Eating a good diet means less medical issues from the MS. It also exposes me to different foods that I might not normally buy. There are several foods that are now part of my life because I tried them first at a soup kitchen.

I'm on social security disability. My income is under $800 a month. By budgeting that carefully and with a little help from friendswhen needed, I manage to live carefully but also to travel sometimes, slowly and in stages.

I love exploring new places and cultures. I'm not so much for all the tourist spots. I thrive on getting to know areas of the country so different from my native Michigan. People, scenery, customs, and foods fascinate me. I've learned ru appreciate the beauty of the southwest desert. There are endless vistas to explore, intriguing plant life and animals to memorialize in digital photos. It enriches my eyes.

Today's high temperature is supposed to be 65. I've been in the desert southwest long enough. You'll see me all bundled up, stocking hat and wool sweater under my hoodie.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road

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