Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Perfect Rainy Day

I woke up to a cloudy, chilly, drizzling day.

It's prefect for my purposes. I'm cleaning/sorting/purging excess stuff from my van.

My routine is starting to change with no dog in my van.

I'm in town so I pulled out of Wal-Mart to a nearby shopping center with large parking lot. I'm wearing my fleece robe over my leggings. A warm hat feels good today. I'm wearing the wrist warmers Andrea gave me.

I made hot water for my coffee with my RoadPro element heater. Some pumpkin spice latte French twists are a perfect pastry for this morning.

I'm making progress on the van. Little by little I'm cleaning it. Baby steps. I've got the driver's pocket and passenger pocket sorted out. I've mentally divided the van into segments. I'm getting one segment at a time done.

My van takes a bit more organization because not only is it my home, but it also carries my sales stuff for flea market and my jewelry making/repair supplies. Each group of items needs it's own space.

So many people are pointing out dogs in need of rescue to me. Please stop. My van has to be fully cleaned and sanitized. The Vet thought Romeo may have had distemper. There is no cure, no treatment. It's highly contagious. If I were to get a dog right now (and I am no where near ready to do that) putting it in my van could be a death sentence for that dog.

I'm going to relax and enjoy my coffee & pastry

See you down the road

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