Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Joy Of Solitude

I love my solitude, my time alone in the van.

For example, my morning cup of coffee, I'm all by myself. It's a time to gently enter my day.

I love instant coffee. I can exactly measure the coffee, instant creamer, flavored liquid creamer, and sugar.

Today it's in my travel cup that a friend gave me two Christmases ago, a pink Silver Buffalo cup.

I've been parked at a friend's apartment all week after doing the flea market Sunday. Today is Thursday, I'll do the market Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So, today is clean off the dash, get outfits ready for the weekend, and put the van in transport to market mode.

As I savor my morning java, I reflect on my next couple of days, sorting out the important tasks from those that can wait.

And of course, it's when I write my blog entry for the day. I never know what I'll write about that day until I start.

Morning is a time of reflection, processing, and planning. It's my time for me. My friend's two big dogs come out. The greet me, accept their morning pets and greeting, then go off to do their morning constitutional and back in the apartment for their morning bones and naps in the recliner.

Today, I went up to Harry's apt. Harry is retired military and a recent widower of two years. He's sweet and kind of lost without his wife of 32 years. I like a good real life love story.

I love having several hours a day all to myself and all night with no disturbances. I'm adjusting to being a no-dog-van. I miss having a dog but I'm also enjoying the solitude. Some me time.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road

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