Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cold Mornings, Doghouses, And Coffee Protocol

Vans have a doghouse. The doghouse has a compartment...the equivalent of a car's glove box.

Just above the compartment are drink holders. Don't use the drink's a

This morning, before coffee, I needed to look for something in the compartment.   Oh no. The bottom had coffee and tobacco that had hardened to a solid, glue like state. I stuck a  straight pin about half an inch into my thumb. Oh the agony.  The compartment is empty, some vinegar water on a paper towel soaking the bottom to clean it out.

Now for my coffee. OMG I've actually done something productive before coffee (petting and greeting my friend's huge dogs doesn't count)

It's 46 degrees this morning, I have not had my coffee yet, a friend is brewing a pot. People have spoken and expected a response from me...pre-coffee and cold. And I'm in the city....arggghhh

Ok, the world is safe. I was just handed a glass jar of coffee...just the way I like it.

Glass jars are awesome coffee cups. They allow you to wrap your cold hands around the coffee. There are things we all do on a cold morning with our coffee...we wrap our hands around it. It's too hot to drink so we raise it near our mouth and inhale the aroma. We look at the sun and the horizon, assessing our day. We listen to the normal morning noises, birds, dogs, and the usual.

All our senses seem to wake up with that streaming cup of coffee in the morning. I'm going to go sit inside in a warm recliner with dogs trying to share it and enjoy my coffee.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road

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