Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sick While Full-Time In A Van

You wake up fuzzy headed and not feeling good. Every bone aches and you've got a headache. You think about coffee and your stomach goes round and round. You've got a common flu.

A flu in an apt or house isn't fun. It's actually a little easier in a van.

First...find a parking spot you can sit at for a couple of days. Two important features will be a place with a flush toilet and a trash dumpster.

You'll want a good sleeping bag and a nice big fleece or micro fiber blanket. Put the zipper of the sleeping bag in top avoid drafts on your side that way. The big microfiber blanket..will be a good serapé.   I also tent myself in the micro fiber blanket at night, over the sleeping bag, making sure to leave an air tunnel for fresh air.

A small bathroom waste basket or a plastic coffee can with lid will be handy for nausea. A squirt of any cheap dishsoap and water will easily keep it clean.

Get a case of bottled water. It's much easier than gallons or the big Reliance 7 gal water container.

This is when you'll especially appreciate ramen noodles and augason freeze dried foods. And a 12v water heating element. Soup and more soup. Light and often. I am eating half a cup to a cup of soup and waiting a half hour to an hour before eating more.

If you are congested (either head or chest congestion) put lots of dehydrated onions in your soup. For a cough, use either a can of pineapple (Drink the syrup and eat the pineapple) or a teaspoon of raw honey with quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. There is a 2T limit of cinnamon a day. I get real cinnamon bark organic at a local flea market. Using a small grater or the old method of mortar and pestle. You can find the small mortar and pestle in many shops. If you get the Mexican stone style, you'll need to season it by grinding corn in it.

Plain old generic aspirin will easily manage fever and aches. Use as directed. 2-325mg tablets up to 4 times a day for no more than 1 week. Aspirin truly is a miracle drug and often underestimated. The active ingredient in aspirin is found in white willow bark tea.

You will be a bit grouchy and cranky. It's best to avoid human interaction in person and online.

Unless you're unable to keep fluids and some food down, there's no reason to rush to the doctor or emergency room. A flu is a serious illness but as long as you follow good care fur it, It generally resolves in a week to ten days.

A 24 hour bug is not the flu. It's generally mild did poisoning (bad food or dirty utensils, dishes). The two most often causes of this are onions or improperly rinsed dishes. It's much safer to use a spray bottle of vinegar and water to clean dishes than the traditional dish soap method.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road

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