Thursday, December 28, 2017

Interesting Morning

Wow...what a start to a day.

I woke up and the day got wacky from the start.

First, turned on the buddy heater. The propane ran out within 5 minutes...okay change bottle and do-over.

Next knocked buddy heater over. I'm glad to tell you the safety built into it works fine. Picked up heater...and coffee water. Set it back up, turned out back on, set coffee on to boil...again.

Turned on my phone. It was clogged with all the stickers downloaded because some people don't take proper precautions with their phones. Luckily I'm tech support...really with degree and all. Phone fixed after over an hour.

I almost lost all photos of my dog Romeo who recently died. I'll go in to Starbucks, fire up the laptop, connect my 1 TB external drive and save them to it. I've already sync'd my photos to the cloud (belt and suspenders method. Redundancy is standard in file management.

Coffee in hand while dealing with this morning. Now, I'll get dressed and schlep all my computer stuff inside.

Life still happens in a's just easier to deal with.

Good coffee to you
See ya down the road


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