Monday, December 25, 2017

Good Morning...December 25th

Good Morning. Coffee in hand. I'm in a Wal-Mart parking lot that is almost totally deserted. Traffic seems very light on the roads today.

Wal-Mart closes Christmas Eve early and isn't open on Christmas. There are 5 vans/vehicles and 2 semi trucks. Normally by now, I'd have pulled out of the lot to somewhere else and made my coffee.

I woke up to a nice 39 degrees. As usual I've parked facing somewhat east. Passive solar heat is warming up the van.

After a quick warm-up and heating water for my instant coffee, I turned the buddy heater down to pilot. I have a window open a little for safety. Any time you have any open flame, you must have ventilation. If you feel a slight headache coming on and a bit flu that window. That's carbon monoxide poisoning starting.

While the rest of the world runs around with frantic celebrations and stress, I'm enjoying almost total peace and quiet 

I've plenty of food on hand, and was handed a new scarf and gloves yesterday. They match my wool car coat.

People think that down south or in the desert that you don't need a lol lol lol. It was 39 degrees this morning, actually warmer than the last couple of mornings.

I'm quite comfortable this morning. I'm originally from Michigan. I learned young about dressing in layers. I put on a tank shirt, with a t shirt over it (long sleeved), then a regular shirt, then a good heavy sweater. I wear warm socks under leggings, and a jeans skirt (very long) over that. I've a knitted hat on my head, no scarf needed since the sweater has a neck to fold over.

I'm still in my house slippers (thank you Andrea) but I'll grab my soft fleece boots ($3 last year at flea market).

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining. No sense driving around since almost nothing will be open.

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road


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