Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Just Lou

You gotta love some of  the new to Vandwelling. They join every van group and every forum. They comment...telling you all they know from youtube videos and the latest cool blogger. They'll post lots of youtube video links so you can see how hard they have studied so they can jump right in as an expert. It's annoying to see the same video links out there time and time again.
There's nothing wrong with being new or enthusiastic. It's ok to just sit back and listen. Don't show us how good you are at researching online...just ask us questions.
I'm not one of the cool, trendy bloggers. I'm a wrinkled old lady who has always loved non traditional lifestyles. When I'm enclosed in 4 walls in a traditional house or apt, I feel suffocated. My home has wheels. It has windows all the way around. There is no yard to maintain...just be considerate of mother earth and leave no trace.
I'm a very experienced vandweller and there are many of us out here. You probably parked near one of us and never really noticed us.
There's no trendy stickers on my van. No VanLife, group names, forums, or even my Instagram.
In this age of constant free advertising and branding...nope..none of that. I'm not even sure I've tried to be a brand...I'm just Lou.
Good Coffee To You
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