Sunday, December 24, 2017

Holiday In A Van

First of all, I'm Native American traditional non-Christian...or as my grandmother often said..."her little heathen." That means I don't celebrate any of the secularized religious holidays. No Christmas, Easter, St Valentine's Day. Don't even suggest Columbus Day or Thanksgiving. I sit back, smile, and let others enjoy whatever holiday they wish to celebrate. It's no shock since I don't celebrate the Jewish holidays or the Muslim holidays or the African based ones either. I will wish you a happy winter solstice.

This morning, I pulled out of my parking spot at Wal-Mart to a nearby almost empty parking lot. I turned on my heater and made coffee.

Now I'm answering emails and questions, writing this blog.

The van is still a mess after removing the center seats and the auxiliary battery being wired in. Today, After lunch, I'll pull in where there is free wifi, pick one part of the van to sort and organize and Try to get it done.

Then, I'll relax with free wifi and binge watch some videos. Maybe I'll charge my laptop up and do some IT work to it

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road


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