Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Good morning. My daily routine is starting to get back in order.

It's important in VanLife to have a routine at times. It anchors you in the moment, gives a continuity to your day. 0 l l

I stayed in bed a bit later today. It was 32 degrees this southern New Mexico.

Since I'm in the city, I park at Wal-Mart or Cracker Barrel at night, pull into a park or a big shopping mall parking lot daytime.

I'm at the park. I've taken my trash out and made coffee. The buddy heater is on for a few minutes to take the chill out of the van. Wow. 5 minutes of the buddy heater and the van is toasty warm. I'm parked facing east to take advantage of passive solar and to use my small solar panels to charge things. I'll roll some cigarettes, make my bed, and empty my potty in a bit.

I've the whole van to rearrange after having the center seats removed. It's almost like starting over. Several things have new spaces. My 2hp generator is on the floor behind the front passenger seat. It has a small custom built table over it to protect the top. The auxiliary house battery is wired into the starter battery with just a cut off switch (manual).

As usual, I've a foot propped up on the dash and my phone/tablet holder on the steering wheel. The phone is charging off my platinum choice solar phone charger.

There is another dweller here. He's only been in town a couple of days. It's easy to spot another vandweller even though vehicle looks normal to others. It's a Ford, universal conversion van. It looks almost exactly like my old Ford e150 conversion van. 

It's time to get my day started

Good Coffee To You

See ya down the road


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