Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Must Have Things For New Vanners or RVers

This is simply some things I've found very useful in my van/travel trailer combo.

First of all HEAT.

First choice for heat is a Mr. Buddy heater. I have one hooked up to an adapter hose to a twenty pound tank of propane.

First choice for me is a Coleman dual fuel stove. It can be run on Coleman fuel or on regular gasoline. It has two burners and is easily used once you learn how to prime it and light it.

My second choice is alcohol stove. It's easy to make an alcohol stove. I start with a small can (I used a can that held canned chicken.) I put tissue in it, a mix of 70% and 90% rubbing alcohol, and on it a gas stove pot stand. The alcohol stove is easily set up and used for quick cooking.


I use the 12v lighter socket in my van to charge laptops and my cellphone. I run my van 15 minutes a day to charge up my starter battery. I have two sockets available in my van. I also carry a triple tap socket adapter that changes one plug into three. 

I have a universal carcharger adapter for laptops. Just select voltage and appropriate tip. I believe I paid $7.50 for it on eBay.

Another must have (in my opinion) is a rechargeable smartphone charger with flashlight. They currently sell on eBay for anywhere from $5 to $25 depending on size. 


I use crochet cotton to make wicks. I re-wick candles, or I make oil candle by putting Crisco oil in jar, making a wickholder out of a piece of hanger, and adding a wick. 

I do keep LED handheld flashlights on hand but I hate dealing with batteries.

These are a few of what I consider essential items.

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