Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Candles From Old

You buy candles and then half way through they no longer want to burn.

I've learned how to make wicks and re-wick the candles. It makes me feel green by not throwing useful materials away and it saves me money.

You need some crochet cotton, a good knife, and some patience.

I start by cutting six pieces of cotton all the same length. Then I braid the pieces together.

Then I dip my wick into melted wax and let it dry so it's a bit stiffer.

Next, i heat my knife slightly and make a cut in the center of the candle down to the bottom.

I push the wick down into the candle. Light and enjoy.

I also will shave bits of wax into a small jelly jar. After adding a wick, i have a no cost candle made out of bits and pieces of old candles.

Another method I use is to tie a wick to a pencil across a jelly jar. I pour melted wax into the jar and let harden. You can add crayons...broken, parts, or whole for a decorative aspect.  Trim wick, light, enjoy.

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