Monday, November 10, 2014

Cold Weather Coming

It's that time of year again and still I find myself in the frozen north.

Both my dad's health and mine necessitate me staying in Michigan at this time.

One of my YouTube videos had over 100 views. I'm so amazed at that.

I'll be moving into an apt for a period of time while I renovate the travel trailer.

Tonight is going to be a comfortable high 40s but by Wednesday temperatures will drop to the 20s.

My primary source of heat was my coleman dual fuel stove. An auxiliary burner has burned out and the stove is no longer safe to use. I'll be relying on my alcohol stove and candle/brick heaters.

I'm out of propane and no income until the first week of December.

My pups are back with me after a week long stay with family due to unheated van. Animal control gave me a couple of hours to make arrangements for them due to new laws. But the travel trailer makes a big difference.

The travel trailer is pretty comfy the propane lines in it will need to be double checked and an open line under the sink t-ed off prior to using the on-board propane system.

Please donate if you can. Bottle of rubbing alcohol for stove is $2. Lamp oil for lantern is $5. Propane tank filled is $20. Alcohol lasts one day for cooking/heat, lamp oil lasts 5 days, propane tank is two weeks of cooking fuel/heat.

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