Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year.

It's a new year, and I have big plans.

I've gotten one of the two house batteries I need, I'll be adding another 20 pound propane tank, 4 tires on the van and one tire on the trailer. A copper inline splice so I can finally use my onboard water tank, and then I'll be
Ready to travel and enjoy my adventuresome side again.

Between last winter, and the arctic cold fronts this year so far, I'm desert bound.

I'll leave Michigan with the basics and a full tank of gas. I'll be about halfway done on getting set up for solar. I'll have power, water, and hearing/cooking set up.

The trailer is going to get a total native makeover inside and out. It's new name will be the Rez (short for reservation).

If you wish to help out with any part of my preparations or journey, you can donate using the PayPal button on the top of the blog.

I'm proof that disability doesn't mean no more life, it's just slower.

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