Monday, November 17, 2014

Brrrr Winter Is Here

It's winter time again in Michigan. The entire city looks like a Christmas card. That brings it's own challenges in keeping warm.

My travel trailer still need the propane lines looked at by a professional prior to using the on-board system. I found an open line under the oven.

So I'm using alternative methods to stay warm. The first is using the propane tank inside hooked up to a propane tabletop grill. I keep a brick on it to help retain and radiate the heat.

Method number two is my trusty alcohol stove. It's a small tuna can with rubbing alcohol in it. Light and enjoy heat and light. I take some safety precautions. I got out my square roaster pan, put a layer of bricks in it. The alcohol stove sits on the bricks. I use bricks beside it and along the back. They retain the heat and make it safer.

My third method is an oil candle. Using one of the chicken cans, I bent a hanger wire into a spiral for a wick stand. The wick is braided cotton crochet thread normally used for doilies.

Yet another method of heat and light is Crisco. Add a wick stand and a wick, light and enjoy.

I've hung heavy blankets over the front windows to cut the drafts off.  Later this week, I'll get out the heavy plastic and do the front windows.

Remember CO2 sinks to the floor, so any vent has to be low. Any open flame uses up oxygen. If flame become low, it's time to ventilated. I turn off the heat sources at night while sleeping.

Keep boxes of baking soda on hand to extinguish fire. Smothering is also a good method of putting a fire out.

The donate button at the top of the blog can be used by anyone with a debit out credit card. Any amounts will be used for propane and heating supplies.

Be safe and stay warm.

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