Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year's Reflections

Once a year, people celebrate the New Year.

For me, it's been a massive change in my life and my circumstances since last year.

Last year, i was in Michigan, struggling to keep enough propane on hand to keep me and the pups warm. I also had alternative heating on hand since I only had one propane tank and it usually ran out when propane filling stations were closed.

I dealt with blizzards and below zero temperatures in a 3 season trailer not hooked up to water or electric. I had plenty of hot coffee and hot food on hand, lots of blankets thanks to the generous people of grand rapids.

I left everyone I knew and traveled across the US to the southwestern desert.

I'm no longer spending $150 a month on propane and lamp fuel. The night time temperatures are higher now than the daily high temperatures i was dealing with up north. Water doesn't freeze in the bottle if the jug is left on the floor. I'm not risking frost bite daily if my gloves get wet.

I'm still broke most days. The van always seems to need something, old vans usually do.

My belly is full, I've books to read, people to talk to when i want. Life isn't so bad.

If you don't like how your life is, you can change it. I did.

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