Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Dream Home

I was looking at vans, trying to find an E150 I could afford.  This Michigan is built Ford tough. :)

Up pops my dream van on craigslist. It was a 1999 E150 for $1000. What the add didn't say was that it was a beloved conversion van with a beautiful interior.

I went to look at it, offered $800 and drove away in my new home.

Great big windows with the pretty white factory blinds, comfortable chairs that recline, the rear bench seat folded down into a bed.  Absolutely no body rust.

I was even offered the original tv and vcr that came in it. I turned it down. Life is nice when you don't own a tv.

Granted, she has a few issues. The driver's side window no longer works. It was a struggle to figure out how to keep it up. Two auto parts stores and neither had the needed part nor the correct repair manual.

Someone broke a spark plug off. That will be a heck of a pain to fix.

A minor dent and lens on the front parking light is also on my list to fix.

Let me tell you I'm in van heaven. I am almost totally moved into her. It will be days of rearranging and organizing.

The plastic drawers and totes will be replaced down the road with a nice dresser and custom built shelves. I'm also thinking some custom built underbed units for less frequently used items.

For me, this van is one I've dreamed of, but never thought I'd afford. I'm in love with my new van. It's also puppy approved.

The minivan had overheating issues, so this van came right on time. A friend loaned me the money I needed to buy my dream van.

Life can be really funny at times. Tonight, i sleep in my comfortable van.

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