Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cleaning In A Van Or A RV

Many of us choose to travel extensively or live full time in either a rv or a van. Space is at a premium.

So how do you live in micro space and still remain clean? It's easier than you think to have a clean environment inside and out.

The beauty of this way of cleaning is two-fold...things are cleaner and it's non toxic for the environment.

I learned this style of cleaning from my grandmother when I was young. Throw out those nasty chemicals with all the overpowering scents. Clean doesn't smell bad. There is no need for heavy odors to mask dirty spaces.

Three items will clean everything in your van or rv: vinegar, baking soda, and a good dishsoap.

Baking soda removes dirt, grime, grease. Simply wet the item to be cleaned, sprinkle baking soda on it, and use your fingers to scrub.

Add a handful of baking soda in the wash cycle of your laundry. Not only will your clothes be cleaner, but it also removes smell.

For those with sensitive skin, replace your soap and shampoo with baking soda. Both your skin and your hair will thank you.

Put vinegar in your laundry rinse cycle. It removes soap residue. Your clothes will come out cleaner and fluffy. Any smell will disappear when clothes are dry.

Apple cider vinegar and water is the best rinse I've ever found for clean, shiny hair.

Vinegar water is the best way to clean both the inside and outside of windows. It's better to clean windows on a cloudy day.

I've used vinegar in my vehicle's carpet after spilling coffee with cream, sugar, and vanilla in it. It removed all trace. You simply put a paper towel on area, pour vinegar on it. Let it set for about fifteen minutes. Wipe up vinegar and coffee residue. Repeat until there is no stain. Put paper towel on it and step on it to absorb any moisture.

I use baking soda to scrub any stainless steel including rv sinks. Rinse well and apply slight amount of either olive oil or coconut oil and the sinks will gleam.

I don't use dishsoap on my dishes. I heat some water to boil in my coffee pot. I use hot water with some Apple cider vinegar in it. Rinse, wipe, put away.

Any sponges and dish cloths are soaked in hot water with vinegar. Wring out well and let air dry.

Mold or mildew can be thoroughly cleaned by first scrubbing with baking soda, then rinsed with vinegar water.

Why do these tips work? Any germs will function within a specific ph range. Baking soda and vinegar are at oposite ends of the ph range. By changing the acidity or alkalinity, the bacteria and virus cannot live.

This includes the common cold. By using either boiling water, freezing pillows and bedding, using vinegar and baking soda in the wash, you kill the virus. Viruses can live 72 hours on a surface...that cold that hangs on and on does so because many have forgotten what our grandmothers knew. Instead of the hand sanitizer many use, we'd benefit better from a simple vinegar water spray.

Dishsoap does have a use, but not its traditional one. It is amazing for getting rid of grease.

I know many consider cleaning to be unskilled labor. There really is a science to it. It's time to throw off some of our "progress" and return to some of the sound ideas about environment and cleaning.

These tips will also work well for those people who choose a more traditional space.

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