Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Minivans, Thanksgiving, Pups, Oh My!

Thanks to help from my friends, my minivan is again running. I'll still have motor mounts to replace in Arizona, but at least now I'll make it safely there.

I'm amazed watching everyone gear up for thanksgiving. It's a holiday I don't celebrate (nor Christmas, Easter, or similar religions holidays).

I try to live each day thankful for what i have. I'm also trying to be more minimalist. I have an 18 ft travel trailer to move up to the land in Colorado. I have my minivan. I have my two small dogs. I'm rich in friends. My life is good.

I will not be shopping on any of the holidays. I also won't participate in Black Friday. This is out of respect for those who do celebrate these days. Let them be home with their families enjoying the day.

The weather is beautiful in southern New Mexico. Today it's short sleeves, windows and doors open, sitting under a tree at the park, just feeling the light breeze blow.

In this season of stress and holidays, I wish you peace and quiet, time to sit still, time to enjoy friends and family.

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