Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yes I Live In A RV Full-time- By Choice

Yes, I Live Full Time In A Choice

We own (paid for with no debt) a vintage travel trailer. It is 30'x8'. It is currently parked in a RV park. I have running water, electric hookup, and sewer hook up.

I have a kitchen, complete with stove, sinks, and refrigerator  I have a dining table with two benches. Under the benches is storage. I have a living room that is comfortable. There is a futon couch. It makes into a bed quickly if i have company. I have a bathroom with sink, toilet, and a shower/bathtub. I have a bedroom, There are windows on all sides, and a front and back door.

Most people think they need a lot of space. I have more than enough space. I am not a minimalist, but really how much space does a person need. When I lived in houses or apartments, I had more appliances than I needed and more clothes, books, and knick knacks than anyone could ever need.

I now know that most of the housework I did when I owned a house and when I rented apartments was taking care of my excess stuff that I never used. I think I was a hoarder in the makings.

I was raised mostly by my grandmother who had grown up in The Great Depression. I learned Economics at her knee. One of the things I can do is clean a two story two bedroom house with products costing me $8 a month. Most housewives are amateur chemists. She taught me not to throw away useful things. But I have limited space, so I sell my unneeded or outgrown things. That allows me to purchase things that make my life better. I also have to think about what I purchase and what I really need.

When I go to the flea market to sell Native American jewelry, I also have a full tote of jeans I had outgrown due to the excellent food available in this area. I need to add two or three more totes of outgrown clothes and clothes that are too warm for this climate.  I am getting rid of things I won't use and someone is getting a good bargain for something they will use. I also feel that I am helping the environment by selling my gently used items to someone who can use them. 

A RV doesn't have the footprint that a house does. When I pull out of a spot, the only sign I was ever there are a bare patch (which grows back) where the trailer was parked and two sets of tracks that will grow something again. I use less resources to keep my home warm or cool.

In case of a natural disaster, I can pull my home out and move it to a safe place. That cuts down on my insurance premiums. While the people in houses are struggling, I can charge their phones and laptops so that they can communicate with the world. I have a generator and the trailer has a battery that powers almost all items in the house.

My propane runs the stove and the hot water heater. I use 7 gallons a month. I don't ration my power or propane. I don't need to ration it. Because my home is more efficient, it is pretty green. I am looking at alternative power so that I can take it camping. 

One of my favorite things about my home- I will never have to pack boxes and move unless I buy a newer unit. Anyone that has ever moved can appreciate that. I just stow the breakables, and move my entire home.

The absolute best part of living in a RV rather than a house- I have finally started to achieve my dream of writing. I have been blogging and today I completed the first draft of not one but two books for small children. I would have never been able to spend the time writing were it not for the fact that my home requires so little time daily to maintain.

So yes, my home is a RV. I hope one day others will be as lucky as I am. To find out what makes you happy and to pursue that dream in a realistic manner is one of the best experiences of my life.