Friday, May 10, 2013

Currently Boondocked In Lousiana

I have been traveling most of my life by personal preference. I like discovering new places and new adventures.

 I am currently in a somewhat rural area of Louisiana. There are many different things to get used to here. Overall, I like it and I like the people I meet. The trees here have a strange beauty. Spanish moss hangs off some of them, they remind me of the old sepia toned vignetted photos. I  have been here long enough to watch the trees go from barren to fully leaved. I am enchanted with the area and I enjoy discovering both the natural side of life here and the people.

 I am about two miles from the Mississippi River. New words have entered my life and my vocabulary: flash floods, levee, hurricane, these are all common occurrences here. I know people that stayed during Katrina. They tend to compare hurricanes like you or i might compare fishing or seasons. I have now given serious thought to what preparations are necessary to ensure some level of comfort in any emergency weather situation. Prepping is not just for right wing activists, but is a real necessity for anyone living where the weather can wipe out many things we take for granted.

 I am near a factory so I thought the sounds that I heard at night of a rhythmic humming were from the factory. imagine my surprise to find i was listening to the nightly vocalizations of a gator, and a rather sizable one at that. I was told there was nothing to worry about since the gator was at least 500 feet away but judging from the sounds and vocalization he was a big one. Oh My!

Walking my chihuahua at night can be an adventure due to the local wildlife. This area is host to alligators, loggerhead turtles (sharp beak, can bite your finger off), eagles, armadillos, and adorable gecko type lizards. I also enjoy the many dragonflies flitting about as if they had not a care in the world.

Life has a different pace down here.

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