Monday, May 27, 2013

Flea Market Surprises

When most people think of a flea market, they think of cheaply made goods or items in poor condition. In my experience, this is not always true.

I have been a vendor at flea markets for some time now.When I decided to travel, to examine my values, I found that many items were no longer a necessary part of my life. I started selling at markets to get rid of excess clothes and household goods from my storage unit. I found that I loved having my own business. Many of the items I had were too good to throw away. I had many things left over from lifestyle changes. I used to have a house on two acres with several outbuildings and a large basement.  I did not need every brand new kitchen appliance, nor vast amounts of antique glass serving bowls suited to family dinners of ten or more people.

In short, I had an abundance of good quality items that I no longer needed, and I was paying large amounts to store things for a house I no longer planned to buy. There were things such as an antique oak rocker, a large Ashley wood-stove, an antique walk behind tractor, and many other pieces that would be a welcome addition to someone else's household, but no longer needed for the lifestyle I envisioned.

As I downsize yet again, I am now selling not only the Native American jewelry that is my passion, but also excess appliances, designer jeans that I can't wear anymore due to the newly found appetite and the excellent food offered in the delta area of Louisiana.

There is another dealer next to me who specializes in computers and tools. He has been passing on to me his jewelry that he gets offered. I have a scale, a jeweler's loupe, and a lifetime of buying and appreciating fine jewelry.

 I visually inspect the jewelry, weigh it on a scale, check the spot gold price or the spot price on sterling silver. At that point, I either offer him a price, or sell it on consignment for him. By being honest in my dealings, and being at market every weekend, I get opportunities on fine jewelry.

As I write this, I am wearing the 14k gold and diamond tennis bracelet that i chose to keep for myself after offering him a fair price for it. I found the vintage Waltham watch last week. The young lady told me it needed a battery. It is a vintage winding watch. I wound it and it has been keeping perfect time on my wrist. I'm a little bit of a vintage piece myself.

I have people that stop by regularly to see what I have found in my search for real Native American jewelry. I also carry vintage rhinestone jewelry in great condition.

Today I sold an Eisenberg Green Ice Necklace in mint condition to another dealer.

Who knew that decades of window shopping at good jewelers would give me the needed skills to buy and sell beautiful jewelry on my own.

I truly believe that many housewives underestimate what skills they have learned and how it applies in business.  Twenty years ago, I was a housewife, thinking I had no marketable skills. Today, I travel, write, and own my own small business. I love the change in my life.

Thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts. Happy Trails.

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