Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Borrow Books -- Online Free

One of the nice things about the internet and technology is that now you can use a library card and free apps to borrow books online.

The OverDrive app is free to install. There are no hidden fees to use it. Another awesome feature is that you'll never have a fine for overdue books borrowed online. 

I found the Libby app (by same developers) was perfect to read and enjoy my library books and audio books. It made it much easier to download and read my books. 

Done with the book? Just hit return book and you're all done. This is perfect for those without cars or who travel or are shut in their own homes or hospital. 

All it takes is a library card from a participating library. While Las Cruces NM doesn't participate, I was able to easily use my library card from Quartzsite, AZ.

I've finished my first book, and I'm on my second. This came in just in time for the holidays when many places are closed.

So enjoy your holiday. Treat yourself to some books you couldn't afford to buy. The world is now open to you. 

Not all technology is bad. This is pretty user friendly. I was able to learn to use it well in less than a half hour. 

Happy Holidays. 
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