Monday, December 3, 2018

Adding Cash To Your PayPal Account

PayPal has stepped up to the next level in customer convenient services. Now instead of carrying a lot of cash, i can stop at many stores and add it to my paypal account.

I just took the service for a test drive.
I went to my bank and withdrew $120. I drove to a store that i found through the app.

In my case, i had started to go to Wal-Mart. This morning Wal-Mart was having network connectivity issues. After hearing tech support on the phone and realizing that Wal-Mart was not a good bet today, i returned to my van. Time for plan b.

Plan B was to open my paypal app and see what other stores in the area offered this service. I spotted a Dollar General nearby.

I opened the app, logged in, selected more from bottom menu, and selected add cash from the sub menu. Next i selected the store Dollar General. The app generated a bar code on my phone screen.

The clerk had never done this before so she requested assistance from another employee. They came quickly to the register. It was as simple as her scanning the barcode, asking me how much, and ringing it up.

I got a receipt but when i checked paypal...nothing. The receipt states it may take 30 minutes to show up on my account.

Twenty minutes later my PayPal app notified me that I'd added cash to my account. It shows in the balance and can be used now any way i normally use paypal.

Bravo paypal. Love this feature.

My recommendation...highly recommend it and will use often in the future.

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