Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Change Continues

As i wake up this morning, haven't even finished my first cup of coffee (sacrilegious I know), I continue on the van repairs and modifications.

We went to the park and dumped the potties in the toilets. You don't put human waste in dumpsters. Repeat, in the city, the proper place to get rid of human waste is either a portapotty, a vault toilet, or a toilet. Human poop spreads diseases, e coli and hepatitis come to mind. This is preventable by being responsible.

Today, that clutter spot known as the front passenger seat was taken apart and the clutter sorted and unneeded things thrown out. We'll be taking the dog house off to change the air filter and a few other checks.

We're currently at Home Depot so that a friend can make a few modifications in his counter and storage setup.

Then we'll move to a more appropriate spot for my mechanical fixes. Today is the day we replace the air filter and the oem gas filler neck. My oil was changed yesterday at Wal-Mart. I used mob1 full synthetic. Older vehicles benefit from full synthetic oil. There's also not supporting any oil pipeline as a side benefit.

After today's few repairs, it's a good meal, feet up, and streaming videos on Netflix or Hulu.

See ya down the road,

Good Coffee To you


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