Saturday, March 19, 2016

Musings From My Van

As most know, i recently purchased a conversion van. I get a lot of questions about how I'll modify it or built-ins.

As far as I'm concerned, this van needs almost no modification. I threw in my two 3-drawer plastic units, stuffed canned goods under the bed, put my stove and aquatainer water jug by the back door.

I'll be removing the car top carrier shortly as soon as I have both time & energy.

My challenge in minimalism is that I carry my jewelry making items and my sales set-up in my van. It will take serious thought and trying out new arrangements to get things just right.

So far, I've only removed one seat on the driver's side middle. I may remove the other middle seat and store it in my travel trailer. I'm planning a wooden credenza style set of drawers to go behind driver's seat reaching back to the rear seat. I keep the rear seat folded down into a bed.

Before I worry about inside modifications, I want the van perfectly mechanically sound.

Two of the plastic panels by windows in the door need repair. The driver's side electric window motor needs replaced. The rear door latch needs replaced. The sidelight on the driver's side front needs its plastic cover replaced and the dent pounded out. These are all minor things I can fix myself.

The paint is starting to show signs of sun damage, so I'll learn the art of painting a vehicle. Some new clear coat won't go amiss.

She's like me, good bones but showing signs of age. She's pretty though, comfortable, and travels well. The pups love her too.

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