Sunday, September 8, 2013

I've Gone Truly Mobile!

I've sold my compact car and replaced it with a cargo van!

I purchased an extended body van. I'm planning on making it into a conversion van.

In the rear of the van will be two dedicated storage areas. One area is for all items needed for live venues such as fairs, flea markets, and such. The other area is for my ebay business.

The van will also have sleeping, working, and sitting areas. Before any conversion construction can occur, the van will have to be insulated.

A divider will be installed behind the front seats. This both provides safety and privacy.

As I write this, I sit in the rear of the van, organizing and sorting two businesses as well as items for dancing at pow wows and the few personal things I need for myself.

The purchase of the van will effectively give me a highly mobile business as well as a tiny RV. I'm very excited about this new phase of my life. It will allow me to continue my businesses as well as pursue my love of writing and photography.

Happy Trails.

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